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Geek Heresy: Why Does the Author Think That Simply Donating Technology Is Not the Answer to Helping the Poor?

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Giving a helping hand to a needy one is not only a responsibility, but it’s also an act of humanity that we show towards others. We can make a difference in their lives even with a little – it doesn’t demand that much, just a little of what we have and a little of our time. We can change their lives and give them a good will & happiness, by showing them hospitalty and love

We can care for what they need and we can give them this even with just a smile and a good deed. Being poor doesn’t make them a different people or unwanted, it’s just a life course that they faced. So I say that we should help everyone, no matter what colour, race or religion they have

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The Internet has penetrated many aspects of business and culture in developed countries, but there is limited availability in many poor countries. Do you think that this technology is going to widen the economic development gap between rich and poor countries? Is there a way that developing countries can use such technologies as a tool for economic development? Justify and illustrate your arguments by referring to appropriate case study examples. Even though there is a technology gap between the rich and poor nations, research proves that this gap can be shrunk and that the poor nations are fast catching up with the rich nations. The Internet has considerable potential in developing countries, it is important that government supports and allocate finances for internet infrastructure in their budget. The case studies and examples mentioned in this report provide insights on how internet can effectively be used to benefit a poor country. Faux (2005) claims that Africa does not need to pass through the needle of industrialization like Europe but actually experience a leap to gaining developmental growth through technology

For technology like the Internet to gain a foothold in developing countries, the governments first need to resolve the problems of bureaucracy, dictatorship, economic stagnations, war, literacy crisis and cultural importations.

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In short, Hardin is very much against the idea of giving out money to the poor and claims that such acts can not offer a lasting solution to that will enable the poor escape poverty. Even though the rich may be able to help the poor by giving out them money, the help may not last long and the poor will remain in a perpetual state of poverty. As a result, their future lives will not improve and they will continue with their usual struggles. On the contrary, if the poor are taught how to come out of poverty and they succeed, a lasting solution will have been found and their lives will end up being much better.

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