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Patterns of Knowing

Reflect on your practice and select an experience that you had with a patient or family and explore the five fundamental patterns of knowing (ethical, personal, aesthetic, empirical, emancipatory) exemplified with the experience. Develop a paper that includes the following:

Introduction – Briefly introduce the paper ending the introduction with a purpose statement (The purpose of this paper is to…)
Description of the experience – In one paragraph, describe the experience including who was present, what was happening, who you were engaged with, and what you were thinking, doing, and saying. Include background information as appropriate.

Patterns of Knowing - Briefly define each pattern of knowing (sentence or two). Examine which fundamental patterns of knowing were in evidence. Explain how each pattern was evident in the experience. If any of the patterns were not evident (for example, if the Emancipatory Pattern of Knowing was not evident) state that it was not evident and propose what could have happened in the experience for it to be evident

Social Justice Problem – Identify a social justice problem that was evident in the experience or could have been part of the experience and propose a solution to it.

Conclusions – Completely summarize your thoughts without introducing new content.

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