Instructions How to Write

Article Review on Criminology, Gender and Race

How paper should be written
• No Introduction.
• The paper should be written about the article and the authors. Ensure to summarize the three authors key points

1. The author(s) is arguing …
a. The author’s argument. Summarize the author(s) argument .What is the author arguing? (Denote: always read the abstract and it will give you the details. The abstract will give what the article is about.

2. The author(s) constructs this argument in the following manner…or
a. Construct of the author(s) arguments… the author constructs

3. MY evaluation of the author’s argument, NOT THE TOPIC
a. Assessment- What argument do you agree with- what are the strengths
b. What argument do you disagree with- what are the weaknesses

4. Additional articles used. What other articles in this review make similar arguments.

5. Which course objective (s ) (out of the 10 learning objectives) is best related to this article?

6. Which chapter is best related to your response, explain why ?. Be specific about the chapter.

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