Instructions How to Write

Look Book in Adobe InDesign

1. Go to File>New>Document in Adobe InDesign and select A4 Landscape as the preset (11.6929 inches wide by 8.2677 inches tall).
2. Set number of pages to 8. You can make your lookbook longer, but be sure it is divisible by 4 (12 pages, 16 pages, 20 pages, 24 pages).
3. Collect the content from client (promotional text and photos, try for photos if client does not have enough). Do not use Google Images or otherwise use copyrighted photos that are not Creative Commons (with attribution somewhere) or those available to be used from client or Pexels.
Example: A local restaurant takes photos themselves of their food for promotional purposes and lets you use photos. That is fine. It is not okay to just download images from the web that are copyrighted and use them in the lookbook. Get written permission if you find photos, or use Of course, if you design for Balloons and Beyond client instead of finding a client, use the support file photos, as those are from the client or from Pexels.
Use at least, on average, one photo per page (so an 8-page lookbook should have at least 8 images).
4. Design the lookbook and apply the design principles from this course. Use photos throughout for interest. As for text, of course include the client name and information. If you use the default Balloons and Beyond support files and the text, all three Word documents need to be placed. All text is required, but all photos are not required. Select which ones to use or try for free photos to use. If you find a client, then include the 1) contact information, 2) an “about” area that explains what the company or individual does, and of course larger text and captions for various photos, etc. Text included should consist of at least 500 words or more, if not using Balloons and Beyond default client and text.
5. As part of the lookbook, design an original logo for the client in Illustrator. Place it in the lookbook somewhere as part of its branding.
6. Go to File>Export>PDF Print

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