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Healthcare Job Possibilities

1. Describe the setting and career that you chose to focus on and why.

2. Connect the healthcare career and research experience to the following themes discussed in the course (if applicable):a.Healthcare systems, trends and challenges (e.g. ethical dilemmas, equity, access, wellness, etc.)b. Career development: what is the career path and education needed for this profession?c.How has the career changed over time, what is the future outlook?d. What other healthcare professionals does an individual in this career interact with regularly?e. Human body: what body systems and diseases are they working with (or focused on), if any?f.Skills: what skills does an individual in this profession need to be successful in their job?g.What skills may not be as visible or obvious in this job?

3. Personal reflection about the career path: did your prior experience, or research, reinforce or change your ideas about the profession? Why?Format: Please submit, and upload, the final paper using the posted Canvas assignment. Your paper must be in standard essay format and be at least 3 full pages in length (double spaced). It is expected that you integrate, and address, the questions above (at a minimum).

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