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Beverage Intake - Canada Food Guide

Analysis: Follow the link to Canada’s Food Guide (CFG)-- . Be sure to follow the links around the graphic and read the information provided—"Have plenty of vegetables and fruits”, etc. Using this information, analyze the recorded intake, evaluating whether each food or beverage fits into the healthy or unhealthy (gray) column of the table below. As well, for the totals of the day, assess whether or not the guidelines have been followed. For example, “Have plenty of vegetables and fruits” shows that these foods should be about ½ of the day’s intake.
Proposals for Change/Improvement:
If the food intake shows an inadequate number of healthy choices, insert into the table what food or beverage choices could have been included to meet CFG’s recommendations. Make these additions in RED FONT. If there are unhealthy choices of food or beverage, show which foods or beverages could be removed to bring the intake more in line with CFG recommendations. In this case, “strikethrough” to show their removal (see example in table below).

Written Analysis: Each group of foods needs a short evaluation, about 1 paragraph for WATER
Drink water: How did you meet your fluid/hydration needs? Did you consume water or unsweetened fluids to fill this need? Did you consume any fluid milk during your day and was it low fat? Were you more likely to consume flavoured, sweetened coffees or teas to meet your fluid needs, or fruit juices? What about carbonated drinks, which can be either high in added sugars or sodium? Contemplating the suggestions of the food guide, what changes, if any, would you need to make to bring your intake of this group more in line with recommendations? Why is this group important for health?

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