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TED-Ed Talk Analysis

The readers are familiar with TED-Ed but will not know which specific lessons are being written about. They want to learn what the two lessons have in common and whether they are effective at teaching.


The paper analyzes how different lessons teach similar concepts. The thesis will establish an analytical connection between two TED-Ed lessons (and not an obvious connection like “they’re both about cats”). As a comparative analysis of two lessons, the writer examines how well the lessons’ authors teach an audience, exploring how the lessons appeal to an audience (think: ethos, pathos, and logos).

Key performance criteria:

The writer meets the basic assignment requirements.
The writer addresses the assigned intended audience.
The essay is about two TED-Ed lessons.
The thesis establishes an analytical connection between two lessons.
The writer supports the thesis with details and examples from the lessons.
The writer refrains from personal reflection.
The writer refrains from summarizing without analyzing.
The writer refrains from presenting outside sources.

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