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Coordination of Outcomes Between Career and Technical Education Stakeholders

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Today’s economy demands a better educated workforce than ever before, and jobs in this new economy require more complex knowledge and skills than the jobs of the past.Increasing the number of Americans with the education, skills, and training needed for the economy is a multilayered strategy

Some of the steps to achieve this goal include making teaching and learning in secondary schools more rigorous, engaging, and relevant; ensuring that more students are college and career ready; increasing high school graduation rates, especially for lower performing students.

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Curriculum development requires the input of different stakeholders such as teachers, school heads, parents, community members, students, district administrators and school boards. The role of the teachers involves defining different course components that are considered relevant, in line with the latest technological development in the education sector. In addition to developing the curriculum, teachers help in executing the curriculum development findings. Teachers continuously contribute to the development of school curriculums by developing periodic course teaching plans and giving consideration to the special needs of the students. Therefore, having a good curriculum without the input of teachers cannot help in achieving the learning objectives and goals. Although modern technology is quickly finding its root into the education system, teachers still remain at the center of the student’s learning progress

In other words technology must be integrated into the curriculum but it cannot provide a perfect substitute for the roles played by teachers in curriculum development and the general learning process. The other important group of stakeholders is the school administrators. Their role in curriculum implementation cannot be underestimated since they are the people that monitor the implementation of the curriculum. In addition, they employ teachers (in the case of private schools). Furthermore, they are responsible for purchasing learning materials which is an essential requirement in curriculum implementation. In other words, school administrators may influence the extent to which the school curriculum is implemented by regulating the release of the necessary learning resources. The school administrators may get information from teachers, students and even the community regarding the success of the curriculum implementation process. In addition, they can also employ the services of professional to evaluate the performance of the curriculum. The parents on the other hand support and influence the implementation of the curriculum through financial resources, that is, payment of school fees. In addition, the parents may help in monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the curriculum by keeping a close check at the lessons learnt in school and monitoring the child’s home assignments (homework). Moreover, the parent may stand in the gap between the child and school administration by providing the student with resources that may be required in the curriculum but are not available in school. Furthermore, the parents may help teachers to monitor the behavior and social development of the child, especially for children with special education needs. The parents can get reliable information on curriculum development by enquiring from their children or by enquiring from the teachers or school administrators.

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They observed this for the youths with the age of at most fourteen years. This implies that the combination of academic curriculum and CTE strengthen the middle-aged students in education

On the same light, the correlation did not exist for students that were aged at least fifteen years. There was a high risk of the students dropping out of school when they were exposed to that combination. In the school setup, the students above the age of fifteen were old for the grade. As a result, they had less attachment to the system (Plank, DeLuca & Estacion, 2008). This article provides various solutions for the problem in academics. Math, writing and literacy are the primary components of academic integration. It suggests that there are various ways in which the CTE instructors could combine the three skills. One of the most effective ways is the natural combination of the three basic academic skills (MacQuarrie, 2008). In vocational and technical education, Abiddin (2012) suggests that coaching is a crucial factor in educational training. In addition, Abiddin suggested that training is a crucial tool in developing peoples’ professions. The researcher, further, suggests that coaching have a connection to professional progress, personal development, and developing career of the coached person. In this case, both the coach and the person being coached must play their roles completely. However, they should carry out their duties within the limits of the organizations’ program of training. This article provides a summary of the existing information which guides the two players to train in the best way. The summary, thus, provide guidelines that lead to effective training. The guidelines include coaching model, coach’s role, and the relationship between the coach and the person being coached (Abiddin & Ismail, 2012).

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In summary, the knowledge and skills needed by employers cannot be matched when employers hire graduates to perform the jobs. Thus, there are some frustrations for employers to employ graduates who have the knowledge and skills which are irrelevant to their needs. Many employers have complained about the knowledge and skills provided at schools while graduates have expressed their discontentment about what they have learned from schools.

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