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Does Playing Violent Video Games Increase Aggression?

Does playing violent video games increase aggression?

Number of threats or instances of physical and/or verbal harm to one’s self, objects, or others. For the purposes of this definition, an act of aggression is counted as “one” if it is directed to an individual (considered 1 unit), a group (considered 1 unit), or an object (considered one unit). An act of aggression is counted from the point of origin—e.g., if a group is targeted, it is 1 instance of violence from the aggressor.

In your response, be sure to:

State your hypothesis
Describe the design of your study (identify the independent and dependent variables; describe your conditions; is this experimental or correlational design?
Identify participant selection from the population
Consider participant assignment to conditions
Discuss any possible confounds and how to control them
Discuss ethical issues (if any)
Explain how you will do your data collection
Briefly consider your data analysis (what comparisons would you make to determine whether your hypothesis was supported?)

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