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Professional Identity Construction of Teachers

5.1 Discussion of the Results
As a matter of fact, the data derived from the three phases (pre-practicum, practicum, and in-service) naturally fit the idea of the trajectory of learning. In light of this, the findings of the study guided the interpretations and the discussion section in three main subheadings: (a) imagined identity in the pre-practicum stage, (b) negotiated identity during the practicum, and (c) practiced identity in the in-service stage. Each of this subheading is discussed in this section relating to the relevant literature.
5.1.1 Imagined Identity – It should be 1 page
5.1.2 Negotiated Identity – It should 2 pages
5.1.3 Practiced Identity – It should be 2 pages
5.2 Concluding Remarks (Here you are goint to summarise the discussion of the results addressing the figure created to illustrate teacher identity construction of the cases in terms of three stages. – It should be 1 page

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