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Book Report on "The Other Wes Moore"

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In the book, The Other Wes Moore, as difficult as it is to believe the two Moores share great similarities such as names and other aspects of life

The Other Wes Moore was written by Wes Moore in the year of 2010. It is the mind-baffling story of the two different kids that had been born to the exact same name . They were born only a few blocks apart, in the same decaying city. One grew up to become a scholarly army officer , while the other winded up serving life in prison . All of the events in this novel are based off of a true story .

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"Wes Moore" by Wes Moore is a non-fiction novel about two children - they were born in Baltimore in the late 1970s, both of whom grew up in the same city as Wes Moore. Basically, The Other Wes Moore is actually about other Wes Moore and author Wes Moore, and how they become people today. However, their similar childhood did not lead to a similar future. The writer Wes Moore is very successful, especially when I saw his origin. He is widely recognized as a scholar of Rhodes, a researcher at White House, a decorative veteran, and a powerful business leader. Wes Moore was interested in the story of other Wes Moore in 2000, and other Wes were sentenced to prison in connection with robbery. It imagines the way the author Wes Muir can finish it just as easily

His most important sentence to The Other Wes Moore, "The cold truth is that his story may be my story.

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Going through the pages, it is evident that Moore does not have an answer to that question, he writes, “What made the difference?…The truth is that I don’t know” (Moore, pp. 76). He can only point out to the similarity to the background of the two men, and leaves the final decision to the reader.

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“I sat back, allowing Wes's words to sink in. Then I responded, "I guess it's hard sometimes to distinguish between second chances and last chances"(Page 67)

In "The Other Wes Moore" the environment of both Wes Moore's were completely different from each other. They both made some stupid decisions over time but who is perfect? It is expected of everyone to make some mistakes, in my opinion the main influence on their choices came from their environment. In their environment they had peers that would influence them to do things that they did not necessarily want to do. This caused them to get into trouble, but at the same token, their environment also gave them some opportunities to make it through some rough times.

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Moore, Wes. The Other Wes Moore: One Name ,Two Fates, New York: Random House Publishing Group, 2010. Print.

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