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The Texas Ocean Pollution

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Marine pollution is an invisible, skeptical situation. Contamination enters the sea by how humans handle waste, accidents and negligence

Marine pollution destroys everything, there are various kinds of marine pollution. There is contamination by heat, oil, plastic, chemical substances. More than 80% of marine pollution is due to land activities, and these activities are careless. By human ignorance of the sea, marine pollution caused hundreds of people to die of oceanic flora and fauna. Each and every year an average of 2 tons (22 tons) of household waste is put out, but in the end large amounts of garbage enter the ocean. Even in your city, there are many kinds of pollution occurring today. One of the pollution we heard at Santa Barbara was oil contamination.

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Greenhouse gases are another source of air pollution. Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane occur naturally in the atmosphere. In fact, they are necessary for life on Earth. They absorb sunlight reflected from Earth, preventing it from escaping into space. By trapping heat in the atmosphere, they keep Earth warm enough for people to live. This is called the greenhouse effect. But human activities such as burning fossil fuels and destroying forests have increased the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This has increased the greenhouse effect, and average temperatures across the globe are rising

The decade that began in the year 2000 was the warmest on record. This increase in worldwide average temperatures, caused in part by human activity, is called global warming.

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Garbage in the ocean – namely plastic – jeopardises the natural ambience of marine life. It disrupts the entire bio-geo cycle causing unwanted problems to the whole marine eco-system. Plastic threatens the existence of life under water right from smaller fishes to huge mammals and amphibians in several ways. Reports say that around one million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals are killed every due to plastic ingestion

Unfortunately, several marine species are on the verge of extinction because of such type of ocean pollution. Consumption of plastic by marine creatures causes severe digestive problems which go mainly untreated. Reports suggest that the consumption of plastic by all type of fish amounts to several of tonnes every year. In addition to causing intestinal injury and death of these fish, this also spread the risk across the food chain, to bigger fish and marine mammals.

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