Instructions How to Write

Essay on a Person's Portrait

Beyond just relaying factual ideas about whomever you choose to be your subject, you should identify a central theme about their lives that you want to highlight. A good starting point might be looking at a person who has attempted to solve an everyday problem or taken on a societal issue that is large and daunting. The choice is up to you, but remember, the task of all writing is to persuade so use your words to make your reader see an essential element of the person’s life that you choose to write about.

1. Identify a subject
2. Identify your interest in the subject. Why did you choose this person? What is interesting to you about their life?
3. Find a central theme you want to write into about this person’s life or experience that you are highlighting
Define how you will do your research and get info on your subject
4. Assess who your target audience is. Think outside of just myself or your classmates as the readers. Imagine your profile was going to be featured in a publication. What types of people would read that publication? Who would be your audience?
Your paper should be:

1. 3 pages, double-spaced and formatted according to MLA guidelines in respect to headers, page numbering (last name and pg. number in top right corner of each page)
2. MLA Work Cited Page identifying the sources of your information- see OWL Resource for example
3. Adhere to all grammatical and punctuation conventions of academic writing
4. Go through several iterations before turning it in
5. Turned in on time with your outline as a generative prewriting activity
Some hints and tips for your paper:

An effective profile really takes a look at one aspect of a person's life and the way they have lived it and evaluates why they are important. It is not a simple biographical paper. Instead it seeks to display the importance generally of an issue and how a person is connected to that issue. Ultimately, the best profiles come from actual interviews with the person, so I cannot stress this enough when I say PLEASE DO NOT DO A CELEBRITY. I don't mind if you do someone that you don't know as long as there is a wealth of info on them that you can research to highlight a particular aspect of their lives. Consider, though, focusing on someone you know, maybe someone outside of your immediate circle whose life interests you that you can interview and ask some questions about themselves that highlight an aspect of your life that interests you. If you choose a celebrity, you aren't going to have much to add to their life or biography that a simple Google search won't provide. This should go a bit deeper than that.

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