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The Effects of Project Based Learning on Student Motivation and Behavior

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In student-centered learning, student motivation is crucial. According to Dörnyei (1988), motivation is a fundamental strength for students when learning a language. In the expectancy-value theory (Eccles & Wigfield, 1995), motivation is usually a combination of student needs and goals. Furthermore, Deckers (2005) insists that the goal is to motivate the students' actions to achieve

Thus, teaching methods which strengthen student motivation are more relevant than ever

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To meet the elevated requirements of working life, several different learning methods have been developed

Project-based learning (PBL) is one of these methods. The PBL-method has been said to increase learning effectiveness. Barab et al. concluded that the conceptual understanding of students, who participated in an introductory astronomy course with project-based learning (PBL), was higher than students of the previous year with traditional lecture style (Barab et al., 2000).

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It uses "hands on" approaches to learning, in which students participate in activities, exercises, and real-life situations to both learn and apply lesson content

It teaches students not only what to learn but how to learn' (Wilhelm, Sherrod, & Walters, 2008). There is a large research base regarding project-based learning and the effect on student learning, as well as its effect on student motivation. According to Larmer and Mergendoller (20 1 0), there are seven essential components of project-based learning.

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Education can be recongized as a constant revolving door of new methods or strategies to teach our future generations. In my short six years in the career, I have already noticed that some teaching concepts that were popular in the past, jump into popularity once again in spite of many teacher’s disgust of more change

It can seem like change in enivetable; we change how we teach, what we teach, where we teach and who we teach. Education seems to be in constant flux. For example, we live in a generation where the change in technology is constant.

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