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(Dissociative Identity Disorder) The Movie Frankie & Alice

You should gather data from a variety of sources including books, popular magazines, Internet sites, and even television interviews.
The material gathered should be congruent with existing evidence about the selected person's behaviors and symptoms.
Part I —

Discuss which NASW ethical considerations you feel are most relevant in the assessment and diagnosis of your character and why. Be sure to indicate in your "report" that the person named in your paper was never evaluated. You should also notate that you are using this as a course assignment as a part of your professional training and that (at this point in your professional development) you are not qualified to conduct psychological evaluations.
Discuss the diagnosis you would give to your character and support your diagnosis with examples from what you've observed or read about.
Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of using labels and procedures for diagnosing those with mental illness — specifically the mental illness you chose. Include a discussion of the strengths and challenges that you've identified of your character.
Analyze the ways that a person-in-environment, strengths perspective, and empowerment approach would help you understand your character's experiences of having this diagnosis.
Analyze the ways that intersecting dimensions of identity (such as race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status, national origin, etc.) may help or hinder your character who struggles with mental illness — this may include the impact on human rights and access to services.
Part II

Instructions: Incorporate the feedback provided by your course instructor and combine your revised Part I with the following:

Identify the impact of multiple dimensions of identity on social work practitioner and client interactions. More specifically, how will you establish a therapeutic alliance with clients such as your selected character with whom you may not have shared identities or experiences?
Consider whether your identified character has a history of psychosocial trauma. Identify some important considerations that you would want to rule-out concerning the character's trauma history prior to providing a DSM diagnosis.
Use the literature and scholarly resources to identify at least two clinical best-practice interventions that you would implement to treat your character's diagnosis. Provide a rationale for why you selected each clinical intervention, and be sure to cite information to support the intervention's effectiveness.
Finally, identify evidence-based interventions that you would utilize in working with the mental health community specific to the diagnosis you selected based on your scholarly research (obtain 3-4 articles) that you believe would promote social, economic, and environmental justice.

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