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Business Case Study Example

Introduction: Kewl Phones is closing the local factory that builds cell phones and is moving the operation to Mexico. Upper management has formed a team to address some of the possible issues and concerns.
Additional details: The company intends to offer some employees continued employment, but it will require moving to Mexico to train the new hires. They intend to look for fluent Spanish speakers for these positions in the new factory.

Choose one scenario to focus on.
Identify possible:
Stressors that may be introduced as the result of the change.
Effects of the change on employee satisfaction.
Techniques leaders can use to reduce stress during the change.
Techniques leaders can use to increase job satisfaction after the change.
Use the suggested resources from this course or any you find on your own to support your ideas.
Identify the most likely stressors or effects of the change.
Decide on what techniques will best address the negative effects.
State the conclusions you believe are appropriate about the case study.

Suppose that the company from the scenario you have chosen has asked your team to predict the effects of the proposed changes on the employees and to recommend measures to mitigate expected problems. The company expects your team to brief senior management leaders. You are the team member who is tasked with creating a PowerPoint presentation (with presenter's notes) for that briefing. Include the following:

Anticipated emotional reactions (including stress) to the proposed changes.
In the notes, explain emotional reactions to the possible changes.
Recommendations of leadership actions to make the changes appear fair and just.
In the notes, analyze effective leadership approaches.
Possible diversity issues arising from the changes.
In the notes, describe possible diversity issues.

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