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An Analysis and Evaluation of the Theory of Unpleasant Symptom

An Analysis and Evaluation of the Theory of Unpleasant Symptoms . In a word document, answer the following questions and submit them to the dropbox:

Q-1) What is the purpose of the theory?
Q-2) What is the scope of the theory?
Q-3) What were the origins of the theory?
Q-4) What are the major concepts?
Q-5) What are the theoretical propositions?
Q-6) What are the major assumptions?
Q-7) What is the context for use?
Q-8) Are the concepts theoretically and operationally defined? Why or why not?
Q-9) Are statements defined? Why or why not?
Q-10) Are linkages explicit? Explain your answer.
Q-11) Is the theory logically organized? Explain your answer.
Q-12) Is there a model/diagram? Why or why not?
Q-13) Are the concepts, statements and assumptions consistent? Why or why not?
Q-14) Are outcomes or consequence stated or predicted?
Q-15) Is the theory congruent with current nursing standards? Nursing interventions?
Q-16) Has the theory been tested? Is it supported by research? Explain your answer.
Q-17) Is there evidence that the theory has been used? Is it socially or culturally relevant? Explain your answer.
Q-18) Does the theory contribute to nursing? What are implications for nursing related to implementation of the theory?
Q-19) How would you use the theory in a research study or in practice?

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