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World Art Museum Assignment

World Art Museum Assignment

1) Visit
Watch a few and choose one for this assignment and fill out this form. Be sure that the connection you choose connects with examples of World Art. There are some very interesting topics here but some do not work with the examples in your text (for example, the one on Sports).
If you had a similar assignment in another class with me, choose a different connection for this assignment.

_____ Does the connection relate to the 3 artworks in your text?

_____ Are the artworks from your text from 3 different chapters?

_____ Are the artworks similar enough to compare as well as contrast?

_____ Have you included MLA documentation including parenthetical citations and Works Cited?

_____ Does the Works Cited section include both your text and the connection information in the correct MLA format?

Visit the Connections website of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Here is the URL:
These are short (about 10 minutes) reflections by different members of the staff of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There is a wide range of topics here. Watch a few videos and choose one for this assignment.

1) The first part if your paper is a description of the connection. Summarize the material presented. Basically tell the reader what it is about. Use your descriptive skills to describe some of the artwork in the connection. Imagine that you are describing the connection to someone who has never seen it.

2) The second part contains information that you get from the connection. What did you learn? In what ways did the additional information in the voice contribute to your understanding of the art? Use the MLA format and include parenthetical citations and a Work Cited at the end of your paper, for example (Pace 19).

3) The third part connects the connection to ideas and/or styles from your text focusing on 3 artworks. Use 3 artworks from 3 different styles -- chapters in your text. Discuss each of the artworks relating to the connection. This is the largest part of your paper and includes an expansive discussion on three artworks from your text. Some students use a paragraph for each work -- which also works for this assignment. Include about 5-7 sentences per artwork that you choose and connect directly to the Met video.
4). Bringing it all together – this is your personal reflection. What do you think about the connection and why did you choose it? For example, if you were going to present on this topic, what works might you include? Bring in ideas from your earlier paragraphs to conclude your reflection. Consider including what your “connection” might be if you made one.

Tips: Remember to include a “Work Cited” section at the end of your response that identifies your connection in more detail. Include some citations (at least two) since part of this assignment is to demonstrate that you can correctly use MLA documentation.

Title your reflection with your last name followed by your first initial (pacec). Attach your museum reflection to the link on the Tests & Quizzes page
Late papers receive 0 credit.

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