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Sanctification (The Christian Life): Consider Romans 5:12-8:39, where the concept of sanctification was developed by the apostle Paul. The paper should not be a general doctrinal discussion of sanctification. Instead, the paper should exegetically present the topic as it is developed in Romans. That will require addressing in order the way Paul developed his teaching about the topic mentioned above. This topic will require understanding of Paul’s flow of thought and the issues he addressed that are debated by Romans scholars (not systematic theologians). The student will likely need to read Romans 5:12-8:39 repeatedly to gain that knowledge, but the textbook will help as well, as will the research. Include the following sections using appropriate subheadings according to Turabian:

o Definition – In no more than 150 words, explain the biblical definition (not the doctrine) of sanctification. In this case, failure to be clear about the meaning of the word impacts thought considerably. At the minimum, this section should rely on a reputable biblical dictionary or encyclopedia. Other sources may be consulted as well. It may be necessary to determine the definition to clearly understand the remaining instructions.
o Need – Identify the portion of Romans 5:12-8:39 where Paul demonstrates why one is in need of sanctification. Explain in one page or less how Paul developed that argument.
o Basis – Locate the passage in 5:12-8:39 where Paul identifies what makes it possible for humans described in the “need” section to be sanctified to serve God.
o Means – Explain the section of 5:12-8:39 where Paul teaches the means by which a person appropriates sanctification. In other words, this section should explain how Paul demonstrated the part that human beings play in sanctification.
o Time factors – Examine Paul’s overall comments to determine whether sanctification is instantaneous or gradual.
o Results – Read carefully Romans 5:12-8:39 to determine what is the overall goal of sanctification. What is God’s purpose?
o Assurance – How can one have assurance that he or she is sanctified/being sanctified?

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