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Current Issues in the Community College

From the readings in Cohen, Brawer & Kisker: The American Community college book you can see the myriad issues, often overlapping and contradictory, that have plagued the community college from its inception. Using this newly gained knowledge, use the two issues below. These issues most important (once curricular oriented and one faculty oriented) and discuss them in an essay using the following questions to frame your responses:
1. What role does race plan in curriculum development and faculty-to-faculty and faculty-to-student interaction?
2. Why is the need for constant change and ever present factor in the evolution of the community college?
This assignment is meant to allow you wide latitude in how you address the issues. Be thoughtful, concise and precise. Your task is to write a concise 4 page coherent essay. The questions are simply to help your frame your thesis.
Use APA 7th ed. Format and style.

1. Judgment words like 'it is important,' 'should,' and 'must' are not acceptable in academic papers; my suggestion is to find substitute language, such as Relevant to.., can, are encouraged, etc.
2. Be aware that quotes must have quote marks surrounding them and a reference citation with the page number used. Lengthy quotes are presented in block quotes and closed with a period. After the period on a block quote comes the reference, without a ending period.
3. Here too is the admonition that the use of 'as cited in' is not acceptable--APA suggests going instead to the original source for your citation--I use for this issue.
4. Also introducing a sentence with "It" is not acceptable. so, instead of it is best to..., say instead, Cohen suggests...
5. Word usage: the word data is always accompanied by a plural verb, such as 'data were;' subject and verb tense should be in agreement--if you use Barr and Tagg, interpret that as they, and give verb tense as "were."

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