Instructions How to Write

Business Plan (Only CTO/CSO sections)

CTO- the real nuts and bolts of the company is handled by the technical people. Your job is to put together the products and servicesfor the company. Your analysis should include but not be limited to:
IP search related to your technology. To do this you will access the LexisNexus Academic patent database (or similar) and use it to search for at least 5 patents relevant to your group's business plan. For each patent, you will give:
A brief synopsis of the technology protected by the patent - are the claims broad or narrow? When will the patent expire?
Details of the assignees - are they rival businesses? Have they filled multiple patents in this area?
Threat - does this patent pose a threat to your business? Will you need to take steps to avoid infringement? Or should your business try to cross-license?
Analysis - what are your recommendations for how your company deals with this patent? Do you need to keep an eye on the inventors? Modify your own product?
Product description: describe the product/service and enabling technologies in simple, accessible language
Usage:describe how customers would use the product, giving enough details to judge effectiveness against competitors
Components:Describe the key components and raw materials required for the product
Manufacturing:How much time will it take to make 1 unit? What steps are involved? How many people are required? What other infrastructure is required?
Quality Assurance: What standards will be followed in the manufacturing process? What testing procedures will be in place, and what will the minimum specs of the product be?
Cost Analysis: How much will it cost to product 1 unit?
Pricing: will customers be charged per unit or on a fee. / leasing basis?
Pipeline:What options are there to upgrade the product or expand the line of products? Will after sales services be provided?
Technologies: What technologies, especially information technologies are needed for your company? Include machines, hardware, and software.
R&D:What are the on-going R&D plans? What needs are there? (If you team has a CSO, you don’t have to do this part).
Resources:What resources are required? What inventory is needed? (If you team has a CSO, you don’t have to do this part).
Timeline: what are the major milestones in the path to commercialization?
The best format for presenting the manufacturing plan is a series of well laid out headings with a couple of paragraphs describing each area of the plan. Flow diagrams describing relevant processes and tables listing parts and prices to determine unit cost are a great help.
US Patent Office (

CSO- You are in charge of the research and development department of the company. Your analysis should include but not be limited to:
Scientific background: Describe the research and scientific basis of your products or services. Why are your products innovative from the scientific perspective? What is your scientific vision of your company?
Clinical relevance. Will any clinical trials be needed for your products? Will any animal or human subjects be involved? What regulations need to be followed?
Pipeline: Do you have a plan for a series of products or services? What are their scientific backgrounds?
R&D: What research and development projects will be needed to support your products? What are the on-going R&D plans? What needs are there? What kind of expertise and personnel will you need in your department?
Resources: What resources are required? What inventory is needed? Does your company need laboratory facilities? What types of labs will be needed (e.g., molecular, sequencing, animal)?
Collaborators: Are you going to collaborate with other universities and/or companies? What types of collaborators may be needed? Why? How will you find your collaborators? Who are your potential collaborators?
Scientific advisory board: If you are asked to establish a scientific advisory board for your company, what scientific expertise will be needed? How will you find your potential advisors?
Timeline: What are the major milestones in the R & D projects?

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