Instructions How to Write

Critically Reflective Account

A detailed, critically reflective account of your personal progress as a future professional, as it relates to your work and personal skills, development and employability. In no more than 600 words, include an account of:
your progress against the SMART goals you set at the start of your placement. Also consider other strengths and areas for development that became evident during your placement, and include examples from the placement to support your statements;
what future professional learning you believe is necessary for you to undertake in order to enhance your career prospects now and in the future, and what strategies you will put in place to seek these learning opportunities (e.g. on the job and/or future studies);
the necessary immediate actions you will take in order to become a successful professional post completion of your degree.
2. A detailed analytical account (400 words max) of the programme of work you have undertaken including:

the outcomes of your placement. This might take the form of research results, changes in practice, organisational adoption of ideas, the delivery of an event, progress made with a client/s etc.;
what did and did not work well, and what you would do differently if you were to do it again;
the next steps you would take if you were to continue in the role (e.g. changes to athletes programmes, organisational change, etc.).

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