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Project Plan

Using Excel or a project management program such as Project Libre (available for free and operates on both Mac and PC), list the tasks that would need to be completed for your project. You can create these with summary statements that are nouns, which represent the deliverable for the tasks. Each of the tasks for your project will start with a verb to show the action to be completed.

Example to help you:

An example of a task is, Paint the living room walls with blue paint. An example of a summary task is, Inside the house painting.

After you have listed the tasks, identify what tasks are dependent on other tasks to be completed before that task can be started. These tasks that must be completed are predecessors. For example, before you would paint the living room walls with the blue paint, you would paint the walls with a primer. The task, Paint the living room walls with primer, is a predecessor for the task, Paint the living room walls with blue paint.

In another column in your Excel, Project Libre, or other file, you will enter the resources that you will need to complete the task. For the task, Paint the living room walls with primer, you would need the paining supplies you like to use most, such as brushes or rollers, and the primer in the quantity necessary to complete the task.

Enter durations for the tasks only. The total of time for the tasks will be the time for the summary task. Assignment of resources occurs for the tasks only. If you are using a project management software and enter tasks on the summary line and the tasks, the software will double count the need and costs for resources. Your project will appear to have over allocated resources and your budget will be doubled.

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