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Your department will be changing its uniform policy effective next week. Formerly, staff could wear scrubs of any color while on duty, could wear simple band rings on their fingers (i.e. no stones), and could wear a single post earring per ear. In an effort to unify the team and avoid any accidental injuries, the new policy requires all staff to wear a single designated color of scrubs (the color your peers are required to wear for your major at Mandl) and are no longer permitted to wear any type of jewelry.
Topic Choices:
Inquiry/Challenge – Request information about the new policy; question the requirements of the new policy change and challenge why the policy must go into effect (i.e. you do not support the policy change based on what you know about it now).
Response/Support – Review the new policy for a colleague that does not understand the situation; express why the policy change must go into effect.
Announcement – You are in charge of announcing the policy in a department-wide memo, interpreting the rules of the policy and preparing employees for when the policy change goes into effect. Font/Format Requirements:

Required Sections of a Memo:
7.To/From Header
8.Subject Line
10. Introduction
11. Body (2 Paragraphs Minimum)
12. Conclusion

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