Instructions How to Write

Essay Instruction on Ethics in Health Care

The format of the essay (Question three) should be as follows:

− Introduction (One paragraph). Where you provide a few definitions of key terms and how you will structure your essay
− Body (Three to Four paragraphs). Where you provide the arguments for or against the topic and draw on evidence from the chapter or video to support views.
− Conclusion (One paragraph). Where you summarize the prompt and your main arguments and suggest possible ways to move forward on these issues.

Recently, there have been reports about a significant number of immigrant women held in detention centers by ICE receiving
hysterectomies. Based on your review of the information available about the case here in the link (use the link to answer the following question)( answer the following questions: (1) What are some ethical issues surrounding this case, given that the population is an immigrant population? (2) Given this history of research on minorities in the U.S., how do you think this will affect how willing minority members will be to participate in research studies? Cite specific examples of unethical studies done on minorities to support your arguments (3) How do you think your worldview has influenced your perspective on this issue?

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