Instructions How to Write

Concert Analysis

- Describe the scene / place where the concert is being held. What’s the atmosphere like?
(With online viewing this may or may not be possible)
- Who is performing? (the group or performer(s) name; what instruments they played, or were they singers etc.)
- What kind of listener were you at the concert? Why?
- What was the style of each of the pieces being performed? Name the historical period of music if possible.
- What piece or pieces did you enjoy the most? What did you not like as much?
- Mention the titles of ALL the pieces and composers that you viewed. Look something up about the pieces and the composers for your report.
If there is information posted in the comments section of the video links, read it because it will help you follow along with and understand the music.
- Use musical terms and concepts that have been covered in the course to describe the music you hear.
I realize if you view concerts early in the semester this might be a little difficult; include what you can.
- To the best of your understanding write about the characteristics of the music as applied to the terms you have studied on the elements of music, how the different instruments sound, interesting things about what you’re hearing, the harmonies, melodies, the text, the texture, the tone colors, the conducting – if applicable, There are many ideas, pick a few and describe.
- As you listen consider taking notes. One great thing about viewing online means you can listen more than once if you find something you wrote down isn’t as clearly remembered.

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