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Reflective Essay on Personality Types

Having an ability to be a reflective learner and having a good sense of self-awareness is fundamentally important in being a successful science professional. The research on reflection suggests that this does not come particularly naturally or easy for people, and it is a skill that needs explicit and ongoing practice. Self-reflection is particularly powerful in increasing self-awareness and research has proven that self-aware people are more
likely to be successful professionals.
Assignment instructions
Your assignment is made up of the following parts:
 Complete the Meyer-Briggs personality test (
o Record the values (%) for each attribute, including ‘identity’ value (assertive/turbulent), and report these at the top of your assignment along with your name. The values are an important indicator of the strength of the tendency of that attribute.
o If you find the outcome is too different from who you think you are, then resit the test. However, often the first result most accurately captures your natural tendencies and it is best not to resit the test. It would be better to explain that some elements of the personality description does not reflect who you think you are. Remember that if your % for an attribute is close to 50% then likely you will exhibit tendencies from both side of the spectrum.
o Useful overview information:
 Structure your essay to cover the following aspects
o Provide an overview of your personality type. Give an indication how closely you associate to that description.
o Identify your personality strengths. Are you using any of these strengths currently (explain how), and how you could use this to develop your science career? There is not an expectation that every strength or weakness will be discussed (there will be many, however, some tend to bunch
together), instead, focus on the ones most pertinent to you. Also, explain any strengths in the personality description that clearly is not you.
Identify your personality weaknesses. Do any of these currently impacting you (explain how), and what could do to minimise and manage the negative impact of these attributes on your science career?
o Find the details of the exact opposite personality type, and discuss how you would work with such a person (including what aspect would find easy to work with and what would you find challenging to work with). The exact opposite of your personality type will be the opposite
letters to what you have (e.g., ENTJ opposite is ISFP).
o Go back to the Management Styles video lecture and Lecture Notes, and identify a Management Style that you would work best under (explain why) and briefly explain what type of manager you probably would likely be.

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