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Movie Analysis "Precious" - Type of Offender and Symptoms of Abuse

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The 2009 film directed by Lee Daniels, Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire, tells a story about the life of a 16-year-old, Claireece “Precious” Jones, who grew up in Harlem during the late 1980s. Precious lives a life that includes many sociological issues that have unarguably caused her great pain throughout her young life

Having endured poverty, sexual abuse, and verbal abuse her life has been far from perfect, but she realizes the need to defeat these negative sociological factors to achieve a life that seems to her as only a fantasy.

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She feels that she can positively make a life for herself with the help she found in a counselor who treats her with respect and fully understands her pain and suffering. This is such an amazing actress who has powerfully done a remarkable film. I truly recommend those young girls who are going through the same situation to see this wonderfully done film. Second paragraph I have to compare my life as the second paragraph to the first, because I can relate to the worse of situation that Precious went through in her life. In my life I have felt like Precious never having that feeling of being the sweetest person

I always felt cheaper that most girls. It was a hard life to live, but as I got older I became wiser and I felt as though I was the luckiest girl to have survived such an ordeal. Sometimes life never paints the prettiest picture of the life we would like to have live, but being determine and having the faith to survive is the most powerful thing anyone can have. I have a son and a daughter and I vowed to be a strong mom for them. I have two of the smartest kids a mom can have and because of them I live a joyous life.

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Without education and self-inflicted isolation Mary’s repressed and closed mind led her to believe Precious had stolen ‘her man’s’ affection, which she believed a necessity to make herself ‘feel good’. She sees her daughter simply as competition, not for jobs or accomplishments, which would be a positive, but for the attention of a man (2013: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie). The majority of Hollywood films fail to explain the significant minority that focus on the female experience, (1991 Jackie Byars p.16). However, within the film Precious, this normalization is flipped, as the story has little to no male characters, a strangely controversial theme in cinema

The two male characters that provide actual acceleration to the plot are Precious’ sexually abusive father Carl Kenwood Jones and Nurse John. Much like Mary and Miss Rain, these characters are juxtaposed to emphasize their strongest traits. Nurse John aids Precious while she remains in hospital after giving birth to her father’s second child.

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To summarize, it was a cliché, often repeated during the Obama campaign, that his election would prove to poor black children that they could ascend to the presidency; Precious is a film that looks behind this lovely idea to examine the economic forces and psychological detriments that make it an easier said than done

Precious is, in every sense, a film that pushes the country to eschew self-congratulation. The final moments in which Precious escapes from her wrecked home to begin her life on her own—accompanied by the audience’s near certainty that she will fail—are deeply touching, and Precious is easily one of the most important American films of the last thirty years.

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