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Report for Policy and Governance Coordinator

You used to have an officer with the title “Policy and Governance Coordinator,” but when the last person left that position, it was not refilled due to budgetary constraints. Now that the organization is in better financial standing, the hiring freeze has been lifted and you are now tasked with fixing the organization’s lack of policy oversight as soon as possible.
You need to define the policy work that needs to be done going forward and to suggest an organizational structure that supports it. The Board wants to know what institutional process will be in place for tracking policies through the policy cycle.
In particular, the Board wants to assure a process is outlined to identify policies as they arise on the agenda, that follows their progress through the policy making process, and that give them advance warning when it looks like policy changes (like rulemaking, modifications, etc.) would influence the health system.
The Board has authorized you to make immediate structural and personnel adjustments that can assure someone is watching policy developments. The Board suggested the possibility of reinstituting the old policy position, but they are not sure what such a job would entail, what reporting structure should be, and what kind of person would be appropriate for the role.

You must describe the nature of the work that needs to be done, what kind of person should do it (listing at least three required and three preferred qualifications), and to whom the person will report.

Be sure that qualifications cited are clearly justified by the description of the job, or if not obvious, please justify. Any other structural/functional changes necessary to achieve the Board’s goals should be outlined.

The report can be in bulleted or outline form, as long as intent is very clear, and include the following:

Recommended organizational structure
Job description and reporting structure
To whom the position will report
At least 3 required qualifications and at least 3 preferred qualifications (i.e. experience, education, and etc.)
Nature of work and job responsibilities
Process for tracking policy developments

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