Instructions How to Write

Key Concepts of Research and Scientific Writing

1. Article Title:____________________________________________________________
2. List the names of the Authors who conducted the study:_________________________
3. Which Year was the study conducted:________________________________________
4. What is the Reference? Where was the article found?
3a. Title of the Journal
3b. Volume Number
3c. Date/Month/Pages
5. Purpose of the Study: (Read the article entirely including the abstract. Then re-read the abstract and the end of the review of literature. This should help you understand why this study was conducted. The authors would have stated their hypothesis (purpose) at the end of the section). What according to the authors was the gap in the research that the authors were trying to find out through their study?
6. Objectives of the Study:
7. Variables: Identify the key variables of the study.
8. Participants: (To understand details of the research procedure read the method section. Identify the population that was studied, their characteristics like demographics or any other facts, number selected for the study)
9. Participant Selection: (Identify details that describe how the participants were selected for the study)
10. Procedure: (Locate the sections which describe how the study was conducted, give details of research tools/instruments like questionnaires/experiments used)
11. Analysis: What methods were used to analyze data.
12. Outcomes: What are the key conclusions or findings of the study.
13. Application: From reading the research article who do you think will benefit from the study. How useful is this study? What would you suggest that the authors study further on this topic.
14. Relevance: Is this article useful to you? Yes/No. If it is useful which part of the study would be useful for your study?
Summary: In your own words summarize the article in 250 words. Skim through the article again and then make notes for your reference. Write the summary in the past tense in the third person. In the summary you will highlight the background information, the importance of the study, the significant results and explanation for the results.

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