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TED Talk Understanding My Privilege

Understanding My Privilege (Borrego, 2016)

Constructing Race, Creating White Privilege (Buck, 2001)

For some members of our society (i.e those who recognize themselves as white) within the United States, being made conscious of one’s categorization as related to privilege is likely not a common or welcome experience. So, some people have never been expected or take time to reflect on their own exclusive positions, in regards to racial identification.
In the Ted talk by Sue Borrego, she speaks about understanding white privilege. She also speaks about her daughter's husband and children and the fear she and her daughter has, because her daughter has a black family. But the main point I think she was trying to get across was that being white comes with privileges, even if white people recognize it or not. And in order to have a better and more just society, Caucasians need to embrace their privileges and use it to take a stance.
In the article, one topic that I found interesting was the construction of race. Race was constructed in a variety of ways. It was not just about race but also about class and gender. It was used by the whites for their own benefit and for the protection of whites. They use it to create a social construct for all white persons, whether they were rich or poor. It made sure that the white man’s power would be maintained, while people of color remain in oppressive situations with no rights.

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