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Some questions to consider (could focus on one of these or some other issue raised by the lecture/readings): How has your perspective on parenting been affected by the material covered in this unit? What role do you think culture plays in parenting practices and how/why does it have that effect? How might you approach parenting a child if your partner is of a different parenting style or culture as you?

Here is an example:
I think you raise an interesting point about sleeping habits and how they differ between cultures. I wonder if this can be related to the supportive/unsupportive dimension of Baumrind's Parenting Style scale. It's no secret that being scared of the dark is a common fear among children, but I wonder if that's due to parents either sleeping with/near children at an early age or not. Either way, this daily habit -or shall I say nightly habit - probably affects children's sense of support from the parent. In the west, sleeping with or near their children is called "co-sleeping" and it's been shown to help kids become more self reliant and have more social independence (Keller, 2004). However, co-sleeping also slightly impairs a child's ability to be independent (Keller, 2004). This all makes sense when we consider that Western cultures tend to be more individualistic and focused on independence.
Keller, M. A., & Goldberg, W. A. (2004). Co‐sleeping: Help or hindrance for young children's independence?. Infant and Child Development: An International Journal of Research and Practice, 13(5), 369-388.
Critique: This reply post builds nicely on the original discussion post about parenting styles (sleeping habits) in different cultures by describing how the dimensions of parenting styles in Baumrind’s work (course material) might provide an explanation for the different outcomes associated with different parenting styles. In doing so, this reply makes use of course material and empirical reasearch

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