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Data Loss Prevention

Search the Internet and look for a DLP product you are looking to purchase for your fake company. This is an exercise in researching, evaluating, and purchasing a DLP product. Part of your focus for research should be what Gartner has to say about the product. For those that don’t know about Gartner they are an advisory company who gives research notes on various products in the IT space. They are famous for what they call their “Magic Quadrants.”
Once you have picked your vendor here is what the paper should focus on.
Why should a company buy a DLP product? What risk is it eliminating or reducing?
How financially secure is the company? You don’t want to buy a product and then have the company go bankrupt. At a high level, are they okay financially?
What type of data are you protecting?
Who are the competitors in the market space?
How does your vendor differentiate themselves from other competitors in the space?
How will the technology be rolled out to the enterprise? Will their be a "pilot" roll-out?
What are the THREE key reasons why you decided to pick this vendor?
What disadvantage does the vendor have that maybe its competitors don’t?
What is the licensing model of the software? Per processor, user, device, etc.
The last part of the paper should be a high-level overview of the concept behind the Gartner Magic Quadrants.
Pick any vendor you want. The only requirement is they are in the DLP market space.

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