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Banning Standardized Testing

Research Paper: Banning Standardized Testing

Research Question: To what extent does standardized testing limit the capacity of students to exploit their academic and extracurricular abilities fully?

Thesis statement: Standardized testing is highly predictable and has proven to be ineffective throughout the years.

The prospective research on standardized testing traces from the rationale that a flexible and dynamic education system proves to be effective as it aligns with an increasingly changing and personalized learning environment. It is also imperative to focus on inducing innovativeness and prioritizing practical skills as opposed to the collective capacity of the students to understand specific elements in the education system. My plan to organize my argument is based on addressing the historical limitations of standardized testing wile articulating the inherent advantages to the students and the overall education system. The method is found to be highly limited based on critical assumptions involving the mental and academic abilities of the students. It is necessary to develop vital changes or ban standardized testing altogether as part of a lasting change and improvement to learning standards. The next phase will entail consulting multiple scholarly sources regarding the subject matter. The paper will end with making vital conclusions based on multiple arguments. There will also be a section for relevant recommendations and specific actions for students and schools. Some of the already known issues entail the uniformity and rigidity of standardized testing. On the other hand, the sources of authentic sources of information will include Google Scholar, ResearchGate, and Infotopia.


Figlio, D., Karbownik, K., Roth, J., & Wasserman, M. (2019). Family disadvantage and the gender gap in behavioral and educational outcomes. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 11(3), 338-81.

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