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Health Policy

Select a public, governmental meeting related to health where health policy will be discussed. Below are a few websites in Kansas City that will be available on an ongoing basis.
KCMO City Council
Lenexa City Council
Overland Park City Council
Independence City Council
Jackson County Commission
KCMO Health Commission

Page 1:

How was the process of finding the meeting that you attended?
How was attending the meeting?
How many people were in the audience?
Who were those people?
Why don’t more people attend public meetings?
Talk with other people in the audience. What do they think about this policy?
Page 2:

What was the policy being discussed?
What problem is this policy trying to solve?
Is this policy evidence-based?
Does the science of the policy suggest that it will be effective for the population that this group controls?
What are the ethics of this policy?
Page 3:

What are other cities/counties/states doing about this issue?
Page 4:

Overall, what is the outcome of this meeting?
Was any real progress made on this issue? If so, why? If not, why not?
If you were a community organizer, how would you get more people to engage in the policy process?

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