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After Cold War Essay Questions

1. The post-Cold War world has been marked by a global context of expanding transnational threats demanding increased cooperation among nation-states; and
2. The years since the end of the Cold War are characterized by a diffusion of power and, especially in the past few years, increased rivalry and tension between the United States and competing powers China and Russia.
You have reviewed transnational challenges from economic globalization, terrorism, renewed great power rivalry, and now, infectious diseases and climate change.
• Choose any two of the global policy challenges coming from terrorism, economic globalization, infectious diseases or climate change, and evaluate how national security and global security are interdependent.
• Why are terrorism, globalization, diseases, or climate change multifaceted in terms of how they are defined as policy problems? Specifically, how are they viewed as economic, political, and/or environmental policy problems, and also security ones? Explain these dimensions for your set of two challenging policy problems.
• Do you find a clash between the interests of sovereign states and the demands of fully addressing your two policy problems (i.e., terrorism, globalization, diseases, or climate change)? How might these tradeoffs be resolved to find effective global solutions to your policy problems, and what, in your opinion, is the likelihood of effective cooperation on your two policy problems?

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