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Nurse Educator Interview

Curricula are constantly evaluated and revised to maintain currency and relevance to evolving role of the nurse in the education setting. Nursing education is impacted by multiple internal and external factors, such as the population served, scope of practice, the evolving medical technology, as well as socioeconomic and legal-ethical issues.

You may use any academic nurse educator that you know, but they must work at least a 0.5 FTE in academia. A clinical or hospital educator is not appropriate for this assignment, as those roles are addressed in other confines in the course. An educator working online/remotely is also perfectly appropriate.

Schedule an appropriate time to interview the nurse educator and allow enough time to complete the interview without interruption. You may choose to utilize a recording device and ask permission to record the interview so you don’t have to take notes during the interview. You can transcribe the interview later.

1. Have you participated in interprofessional educational activities? Provide an example.
2. As an ANE, in what ways are you a change agent and how is this achieved within your organization?
3. What do you like most about being a nurse educator?
4. What are the major challenges you feel nurse educators face?
5. Which teaching theory reflects your teaching style? Explain
6. What changes have you contributed to establish practices to improve patient care?
7. What is something you feel you could improve upon as a nurse educator?
8. What is your organization’s expectations of you in regard to your role in teaching, scholarship and maintaining your clinical expertise in practice?
9. How has technology transformed nursing education and your role as an educator?
10. Have you encountered situations where academic integrity and/or social justice have been questioned?

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