Instructions How to Write

A Cultural Event Reflection

After attending the event, write a 5 page reflection and address the following:
1. What group was selected and why did you select this particular group?
2. Prior to the event, what were your preconceived ideas about this group? Which of those preconceived ideas are now open to re-interpretation and why?
3. A description of the activity (name of the event, where and when it occurred, activities that occurred, length of time spent at the event) and your interaction with the other participants.
4. Your emotional reaction to the event. For example, did you feel uncomfortable? Were you included or excluded? If you felt included, what made you feel comfortable and included? If you felt excluded, what could have been done to make you feel included?
5. What have you learned about yourself and the group you selected now that the immersion is over? What will you do now to be ready to work with this future client?
6. How did participation in this event raise your awareness about ethics and diversity within human services? What did you learn from your participation in the event that you can use in your future work in human services?

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