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Develop an Action Plan for Integrating Faith in Leading, Learning and Serving.

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The single most important concern of Christian schools should be the integration of learning, faith, and practice in every aspect of the curriculum

This involves a great deal more than just giving lip service to the blending of religion with other disciplines. It must be more than merely a lofty statement in the student handbook.

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There are those who would criticize organized religious groups for being progenitors and perpetuators of oppression, wars and genocide. However, faith institutions have been on the front lines fighting against these very same injustices. Throughout history, ordinary people, guided by their faith, demanded justice, equality, wholeness and freedom for their communities. Armed with a spiritual indignation because of injustice, a commitment to their communities and learned skills, these leaders cried out on behalf of, mobilized for and served their communities

Some of these leaders rose not just to affect their local community, but to impact a broader global community. Today, faith communities stand on the shoulders of these leaders. Leaders such as you, together with their faith institutions, address poverty, early pregnancy, gangrelated violence, HIV/AIDS, police brutality, discrimination, health disparities, domestic violence, elder and child welfare, and illegal drugs.

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Hasker (1992) states that faith-learning integration ―is concerned with integral relationships between faith and knowledge, the relationships which inherently exist between the content of the faith and the subjectmatter of this or that discipline‖ (p

46). Holmes (1987) adds that "[i]ntegration is concerned . . . with the positive contributions of human learning to an understanding of the faith and to the development of a Christian worldview, and with the positive contribution of the Christian faith to all the arts and sciences" (p. 46). Hasker (1992) further reminds us that our world "is not a secular and a sacred world, but a single world created by God and a single, unitary truth which is known to God" (p. 238). Integrating faith and the business discipline should help students understand this unity. If we teach the discipline as if it has no relationship to the faith and to God's truth, then we lead the students to think that certain beliefs, morals, ethics, and behaviors are necessary in the successful performance of business and a different set of beliefs.

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In the end, faith Learning Integration identifies how God’s brilliant design is found across all disciplines and how its identification helps reveal the very nature of God, man, creation, purpose, redemption, salvation, and order. Faith Learning Integration is a necessary ingredient of a student’s search for truth, reason, and morality, as well as the student’s academic, social, and spiritual development.

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