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Term Paper Instruction

Term Paper Written Portion: Your design should consist of the following required elements:

2) Introduction (1 page): explain the basic purpose of your paper

3) Literature Review (3pages): use at least four recent original scholarly journal articles that report on empirical research relating to your topic. Briefly, describe the research design and summarize the findings reported on the articles. For example, ‘what did they study?’, ‘what did they find as a result?’ In the final paragraph(s) of your literature review, describe the gap in the literature that you identified. For example, explain what the studies described in your literature review did not address that you plan to address in your research study thereby contributing to expand the knowledge in your field.

4) Theory/Model (½ page): conceptual model explaining what independent and dependent variables you are proposing to study in your overall model. You should use at least two independent variables while limiting yourself to a single dependent variable. Clearly explain how each of your independent variables influence your dependent variable, and the specific nature of that influence, e.g. positive or negative, and why you believe the relationship exists. Approximately, one paragraph for each independent variable.

5) Methods (2 pages): in this section, you will state your hypotheses, unit of analysis, sample size, dependent and independent variables, operationalization, data sources and feasibility issues. First, you will state each of your hypotheses (the specific relationship you expect to find between each of your independent variables and your dependent variable) and then how you will specifically measure what is proposed in each of these hypotheses to find out whether they will be accepted or rejected. You must describe in detail your unit of analysis, your sample size, and the operationalization of each of your variables for each hypothesis. Finally, you must explain how you are going to obtain the data for each of your variables. For the purpose of this assignment, assume you have an unlimited budget, staff, and access to the data. However, you must discuss the feasibility issues related to conducting your research and obtaining your data in the real world. Be specific about what statistical test(s) you plan to use. Remember that clarity in the details of your research design is critical so that any other researcher can replicate your research by following your research design.

6) References: Include references when citing work that is not your own throughout your paper. Recent, relevant, scientific research papers should be used. EndNote is a citation manager you can use to cite your references and prepare your bibliography. EndNote is available through the library website, free of charge. The reference list should be included in a separate page after the body of the paper. Use the style ‘Numbered’ in EndNote for your citation and reference style

7) Appendix: up to 5 pages to present tools such as surveys or other materials that you are proposing to use in your research.

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