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Proposed Risk Management Method for Agile Project Management

Despite agile software development approach is becoming more and more popular due to its quick adaptability to always changing requirements and environments, the lack of defined risk management approach is seemingly deal breaking for larger and longer projects, especially for those including not only software development, but also related hardware or other goods and services in the agile based project.

The study will show the difference between traditional and agile methodologies and review the risk management in the traditional approach with the aim to find pros and cons of possible risk management approaches applicable to agile SCRUM framework based projects.

The objective of the study is to review PRINCE2 risk management and to find the way to apply it on a generic SCRUM project.

Chapter 1. Introduction and Background information
1.1 Problem statement
1.2 Research questions
Chapter 2. Research aims and objectives
Chapter 3. Literature overview
3.1 Basic definitions
3.2 Project Management theories
3.3 PRINCE2 and other traditional methods
3.4 Risk Management in traditional methods
3.5 Agile approach and SCRUM
Chapter 4. Methodology and data gathering
4.1 Research method
4.2 Data collection method
Chapter 5. Results and conclusions
6.1. Proposed approach to Risk Management
6.2 Limitations and delimitations of the study
Chapter 6. References

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