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Philosophical Ethics

• Your goal is to answer this question: How can this concept be beneficial for a contemporary analysis of ethics within our current society?

• You can base your response to this question on (i) contemporary social or political issues or (ii) a figure (or text) from the history of philosophy or (iii) something that stems from your own personal experience as an ethical and political subject.

- "Seven Threats to Ethics"
- Aristotle, "Nicomachean Ethics"
- Plato, “What is the Value of Justice?”
- St. Thomas Aquinas, “The Natural Law”
- Hobbes Thomas Hobbes, “The State of Nature”

(i.) figuring out what the author is saying and,
(ii.)Of course, it is essential that part (i.) be done well for the entire essay to be successful. However, this part ofyour essay should be written in a manner that is especially concise -- and certainly no more than half the length of the entirety of your essay.
• It is important to provide sufficient and strong evidence for your interpretative claims (including textual evidence) regarding the text. Additionally, providing examples in a powerful manner can often bolster your argumentation/creative analysis for the original aspects of the assignment.

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