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The Second Amendment and Gun Control

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There are number of ways that a criminal can obtain a gun, legally or illegally, but an honest citizen will go through through the legal process

Taking our 2nd amendment will only make the people vulnerable to government power. James Q. Wilson a former teacher at Harvard University understands that taking guns away from the common people will only reduce the chance of surviving a possible attack of any sort of intruder.

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All year round, approximately 30,000 people are reported to die from gunshot wounds in the USA. In 2010, the US reported gun violence as the leading cause of premature mortality, with young people falling victims. However, it is such a pathetic state for a developed country as the US to have such high mortality rate due to the high prevalence of gun violence. Among all the developed countries with high crime prevalence rate, the situation was termed as the worst in the US, which associates to the high firearm homicide rate. The high prevalence of ownership of guns accompanied by less restrictive laws underscored some of the reasons contributing to violence and high rate of crime in the country. Peek-Asa, Butcher, and Cavanaugh (3) note that various economic costs are linked gun violence. For instance, the country spends approximately $30 billion annually on settling medical bills in relation to treatment of firearm injuries and deaths. The incurred costs could be spent in expansion of other productive economic activities

However, the cost of owning and using a gun goes beyond this point since there are other adverse effects and outcomes. In addition, violence and other forms of crime cause a reduction in revenues collected from taxes, and these elements are some of the challenges that the federal government should address.

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It is illegal for any unauthorized person to possess or bring a firearm upon the grounds of, or into, any public school” (Hartvigsen, Matthew). This gun control law directly impacts high school students as it makes it very difficult, and in some cases impossible, for high schools to have a trap team. Since this law will not allow schools to hold practices on campus, schools are either forced to find somewhere else to practice or not offer a trap team. Many schools do not even have access to another location to hold trap team practices, and therefore students do not have a trap team to join. This violates American’s freedoms as schools should be able to easily offer a trap team for students to join

Many people seem to think that banning guns will result in significantly reduced violence. However, the ban of guns will fail to solve violence problems as criminals already, and will continue to, obtain guns illegally. The California Firearms Laws Summary states that any person convicted of a felony has a lifetime prohibition from owning a firearm (Penal Code Section 29905). Criminals clearly disregard laws, so even though it is illegal for a felon to own a firearm, felons still obtain and use guns illegally. Just because there is more gun laws does not mean criminals will follow them, therefore more gun control will not solve violence issues. In summary, gun control infringes upon the second amendment, fails to solve violence issues, and violates U.S. citizens’ freedom to own guns for hunting and sport. All American citizens are born with unalienable rights that cannot be taken away. It is the government’s job to ensure that American’s rights don’t get taken away, yet they are the ones taking away our natural born freedoms. It is time America bands together to stand up for our rights and explore new solutions such as better mental hospital security or mental health awareness, instead of stricter gun laws.

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In conclusion, a review of the possible effects of gun control shows that crime rate is bound to decrease if the authorities manage to limit the access of this population to small arms. An analysis of the background of persons purchasing guns is necessary to ensure they are mentally stable and have no criminal records

This would reduce instances of maniacs holding students, and other people in public, at gunpoint just because life has not been fair to them. Therefore, countries ought to make a combined effort to ensure that an efficient system is established in the control of small arms. Gun control is the only way to end the increase in gun related violence and number of deaths that have escalated in the last few years.

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