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Digital Communications Technology

For this paper, you must choose a digital communications technology. Possibilities include
e-books, satellite radio, satellite television, broadband, high-definition television, music CDs, personal digital assistants, MP3 players, digital video recorders (like TiVo)—any digital technology mentioned in the Major Principles of Media Law textbook or during our class discussions. Do not choose an overly broad topic, such as the Internet. However, you could select a specific way people use the Internet—such as blogging or file-sharing.
Write a paper of at least four pages, double spaced, that addresses the following questions:
 What is the history of the technology? (Perhaps explain who invented the technology, how it evolved and how its use spread.)
 What preceded this digital technology? What was its analog predecessor?
 How does the technology work? What does it allow you to do? Is it better than its analog predecessor? How? Does the technology have flaws or drawbacks? Are there legal and/or ethical problems associated with the technology?
 Who is using the technology? What do people use it for? How is it being used in other countries around the world?
 What is the future outlook for the technology? Do you expect use to grow? Or will another technology overtake this one?
In your paper, you must cite at least four different sources. The Major Principles in Media Law textbook can be one source. Your other sources may include articles from newspapers, magazines, academic journals, and reliable websites.

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