Instructions How to Write

The Iliad

1. In one sentence, identify two of the characteristics of an epic. In another sentence, discuss one of these characteristics in more detail in relation to The Iliad.

2. In one detailed sentence, define and discuss the concept of areté.

3. In two detailed sentences, describe Achilles’ response to Priam’s visit in Book 24 of The Iliad.

4. In two detailed sentences, describe two of the scenes depicted on the shield of Achilles (one sentence for each scene).

5. What is done with the body of Patroclus in “Funeral Games for Patroclus” (two detailed sentence)?

6. What kind of future does Andromache expect for herself and her child if Troy falls? (two detailed sentences)

7. What does Achilles do immediately after killing Hector? One detailed sentence.

8. In two detailed sentences, explain how Zeus helps Priam in the last book of The Iliad.

9. Is the depiction of life on the shield of Achilles overall more positive or more negative (two detailed sentences)? EITHER position will receive full credit if it is supported with relevant evidence.

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