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Personal and Professional Leadership Development Plan Paper

GOALS: To apply course concepts to yourself and your career through a reflection paper. The goal is to engage in self-reflection pertaining to your leadership style, applying lessons learned from your readings and professional experiences, including how it applies to your life as a manager/leader/human being. Your paper should include the following:
1. This is me.
-At this point in your life, re-entering a program of undergraduate study, it is difficult to conceive of a more meaningful activity than a self-study that addresses such questions as:
Which people and events have shaped me? What motivations drive me? What are my core values? What do I love, hate, fear, avoid, want? What is my self-concept or self-image?
Where am I in my life right now, and how did I arrive here?
-Analyze the key cultural influences that have shaped you (family, friends, neighborhood, city, region, schools, mores, customs, religion, business practices, national influences, codes of conduct, occupational norms, etc.) in contrast to those of other cultures and sub-cultures.
-You will be explaining WHY you are like you are, so avoid being overly
autobiographical (too much description, not enough analysis).
2. An analysis of your individual strengths and weaknesses. Draw from material presented in class, selfreflection, feedback from team members and other classmates to provide a comprehensive selfexamination. You should include insights from self-assessments.
3. A plan to improve the areas of needed change. It is important to be specific, avoid change strategies such as, “I will overcome my tendency to not speak up in a group by being more assertive.” Even though the
statement may be true, the real issue is the lack of assertiveness; therefore, the underlying, more in-depth, response is one that describes specific plans to increase assertiveness.
4. Describe the consequences for your learning and growth as a person and/or future manager or leader. Spend some time with this part of the paper. What have you learned about yourself and others that you can put to work to meet your goals for your life and your work? What are your next steps in applying this kind of

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