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What Are the Main Differences Among the Four Basic Types of Movies?

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All movies had a moral lesson that can teaches, encourages, and motivated the people for the better. Just like this famous quote stated, “God created all things with a purpose.” It justifies the purpose that everything in this earth has a reason behind its existence, including film genres. People are entertain through movies that comes in different categories and learn an important message from it. A lesson that impact their perspective on different issues that appears in today’s generation. Many are addicted to watch movies for a purpose of getting entertaining and at the same time their receiving numerous of information that could help them succeed in life or yet, better their decision making in their lives. In different genres of movies, one can extract lessons from advantages decisions in action, horror, comedy and drama films

Film genres widens people perspective and understanding on how to deals with different issues such as; rapes, murderers, stealing, abusive, human trafficking, drug dealers and more.

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New York Times Writer Bill Carter says: “ Love at first sight, abandoned by Sunday afternoon companion, deceived by the best friend who became the mistress, women appeal to romance imagining themselves in the scenes from these relevant situations.” The fantasy and passionate story lines are so heart wrenching

Whether there is a happy ending or not the passion that’s illustrated becomes so realistic. Love and Basketball a well-known romance movie tops the charts: Baltimore City writer Tom Scocco says,“It’s conceived, essentially, as a three cornered love story, with a basketball holding down the third spot. It is a story of an African- American male and female who grew up together and share a love for basketball. The passion, heartache, struggle and support the characters have for each other reminds people of their relationships. The second genre is comedy. Wall street journal Denise Jackson says “Comedies have a way of lightening the mood.” The goals of this genre are to appeal to the viewer’s humorous side. “Comedies use humor to draw the audience attention through its characters and storylines.” Says D.Jackson. The most popular comedy genres are Anarchic comedy, Romantic comedy and slap stick comedy. Anarchic comedy refers to a sub-genre comedy that uses stream of consciousness humor. An anarchic film uses slapstick tendencies that tell a story, considered less physically violent. Romantic comedy great for new couples is a genre that catches the viewer’s heart with love and humor. Slapstick genre incorporates physical comedy into the story. Using visual action, harmless violence, horseplay and depict humor. Comedies give the opportunity to look at scenarios from a humorous perspective. Comedies although really entertaining use scenes that are unrealistic still are fun and enjoyable to watch play out. The third genre is Horror. Horror movies bring the same thrill seeking, danger and suspense to the viewer. “Horror movies are meant to bring a fear to the audience and can either be fantasy or based on true events. “New York Times” a commentator named Jason Zinoman says scary movies are watched for the really intense emotional experience” and that you never feel more “in the moment” than when terrified at a horror movie. Horror movies bring the same adrenaline rush of emotions from the characters to the audience. In conclusion Romance, Comedy, and Horror films bring various imaginative feelings. Each person is there to gain or learn something different. Whether that be to entertain a new woman/man in your life, or to temporarily set aside personal problems or just to get that suspense feeling viewers tend to enjoy. The film industry goal is to give the viewers a chance to feel the story line and movies of the genres causes an audience to use their imagination to enhance the movie watchers experience.

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In fact, genre theory is still very much a part of how we view and create films. However, genres are also in the process of being completely radicalized. It’s up to you to not just consume, but also strive to understand what other movies are doing. Then, apply your own research and inclinations toward the genres you choose to work with in your projects

It’s important to understand, though, that what we consider film genres today are, more often than not, hardly pure film genres, as they were in the early days of film. The majority of content produced in the last several decades are often genre hybrids, using the rules of genre theory to produce new, unique, and different stories.

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