Instructions How to Write

Popular Culture Essay

Part I – Search for literature
1. Identify a topic related to communication or popular culture
2. Generate a list of twenty-five peer-reviewed publications on your topic. Try different research databases to see which one is the best for your topic.
What counts as a peer-reviewed publication?
– acceptable publications: journal articles, book chapters, complete books, conference proceedings, and government research reports
– unacceptable publications: any journalism or commentary published by a newspaper or magazine, broadcaster, internet news site, social media site, or blogger.
3. Produce a bibliography that lists all twenty-five publications you have found.
Part II – Review the literature
4. Read the five most recent publications listed in your bibliography.
5. Note the authors’ claims, research methods, and sources in all five publications.
6. Decide which publication provides the best research on your topic. Base your
decision on the adequacy of the authors’ claims, research methods, and sources.
Part III – Write about the literature
7. Draft an essay that explains why the best publication has the best research on your topic. Your essay should compare and contrast all five publications that you read.
Remember that your essay must have an introduction, a thesis, and a clear conclusion.
8. Produce a list of Works Cited with only those publications referenced in your essay.
Part IV – Submit your review
9. Assemble your paper into a single digital document in this order:
– title page (include your name, course code, and lab instructor’s name)
– your review essay
– References or Works Cited
– Bibliography

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