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Psychologists Ask Questions and Try to Find Answers for Those Questions: How Do They Do This?

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What does “mental health” mean to you? Is it the same as happiness? Or is it simply the absence of mental illness? Whether you are a professional therapist or want to help a friend in need, it helps to have some mental health questions up your sleeve. You may not be able to diagnose someone who isn’t doing 100%, but with a little insight into their state of mind, you can play a valuable role in supporting them to get the help they need.

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Conceptually, clinical interviewing explores the presenting complaint(s) (i.e., referral question), informs the understanding of the case history, aids in the development of hypotheses to be examined in the assessment process, and assists in determination of methods to address the hypotheses through formal testing. An important piece of the assessment process and the focus of this report, psychological testing consists of the administration of one or more standardized procedures under particular environmental conditions (e.g., quiet, good lighting) in order to obtain a representative sample of behavior. Such formal psychological testing may involve the administration of standardized interviews, questionnaires, surveys, and/or tests, selected with regard to the specific examinee and his or her circumstances, that offer information to respond to an assessment question

Assessments, then, serve to respond to questions through the use of tests and other procedures. It is important to note that the selection of appropriate tests requires an understanding of the specific circumstances of the individual being assessed, falling under the purview of clinical judgment. For this reason, the committee refrains from recommending the use of any specific test in this report. Any reference to a specific test is to provide an illustrative example, and should not be interpreted as an endorsement by the committee for use in any specific situation; such a determination is best left to a qualified assessor familiar with the specific circumstances surrounding the assessment.

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In brief, don’t think of psychotherapy as having a beginning, middle and end. You can solve one problem, then face a new situation in your life and feel the skills you learned during your last course of treatment need a little tweaking. Just contact your psychologist again. After all, he or she already knows your story

Of course, you don’t have to wait for a crisis to see your psychologist again. You might just need a “booster” session to reinforce what you learned last time. Think of it as a mental health tune-up.

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