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How to Overcome Design Challenges at Crisis Times

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Design thinking is a process for practical, creative resolution of problems or issues that looks for an improved future result. It is the essential ability to combine empathy, creativity and rationality to meet user needs and drive business success. Unlike analytical thinking, design thinking is a creative process based around the building up of ideas

There are no judgments early on the design thinking. Design thinking includes imagination and reason, a combination of convergent and divergent thought, and creativity. Design thinking might be thought of as dialectic, or conversation.

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Architecture is concerned with the selection of architectural elements, their interactions, and the constraints on those elements. Interaction is necessary to provide a framework in which to satisfy the requirements and serve as a basis for the design. A good architecture ensures that system will satisfy key requirements e.g. reliability, efficiency, quality, performance, scalability, portability, and interoperability. A bad architecture leads towards complex problems e.g. system crash. David Garlan in his research “Software Architecture: a Roadmap” defines that change in technology raises a number of new challenges for software design architecture. This paper presents some of the important trends & challenges of software architecture in research. Architecture contains set of interacted components

Architectural description includes sufficient information to do high-level analysis of system. It plays a role as a bridge between requirements and implementation. Software architecture has important role in six aspects of software development: Understandability, reuse, construction, evolution, analysis & management. Design style also plays an important role in real-time software development. For real-time software applications using more sophisticated methodologies is critical to ensure the fulfillment of safety requirements. Manas Saksena in his research “Real-Time Software Design – State of the Art and Future Challenges” presents a high-level overview of real-time software architecture & design. His focus is on standard techniques for dealing with the critical issues of concurrency and timeliness along with using automated tools. Different design styles for constructing real-time software & principal technological trends currently emerging in the field are described. For large scale software systems development, different security challenges are associated. Bhavani Thuraisingham & Kevin W. Hamlen in his paper “Challenges and Future Directions of Software Technology: Secure Software Development” describes different aspects of secure software development like security policy de¬nition, formal modeling, developing security architecture and software models, testing veri¬cation and validation and evaluation. By developing & using new software architectures including service oriented architectures and object oriented systems for various computing.

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Attribution theory centers around the derived assumption of a particular individual/group of people regarding a particular process, product or service based on their experience with it. It is often used as means of investigating consumer opinions regarding a particular product and to determine the level of satisfaction derived from its use

By utilizing this particular theory as the framework for this study the researcher will be able to properly correlate the opinions of the research subjects regarding their assumptions over what practices lead to the greatest complications when it comes to the creative process in graphics design.According to Birkhofer (2011) a survey/questionnaire technique is used when the researcher is principally interested in descriptive, explanatory or exploratory appraisal, as is the case in this study (Birkhofer, 2011). The justification for choosing a questionnaire approach for this particular study is grounded on the fact that participants will have the ability to respond to the data collection tool by way of self-report, thus, this project will utilize a self-administered questionnaire schedule for the purposes of data collection (Lietz, 2010). An analysis of related literature will also be used to compare the study findings in order to develop a succinct method of analysis regarding current practices utilized by graphics design instructors involving learning and development programs for their students (Lietz, 2010).

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To sum up, design Thinking steps in with a bold and newly systematised, non-linear human-centred approach. Design Thinking allows us to adopt a human-centred perspective in creating innovative solutions while also integrating logic and research. In order to embrace Design Thinking and innovation, we need to ensure that we have the right mindsets, collaborative teams, and conducive environments. When we align our mindsets, skills and environments, we are able to create innovations that allow us to survive the disruptions we might face in the near future

Keep in mind a deep desire to create a better situation for the world around us, and start creating a better world for yourself and the world.

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